The Army in Review: Army Factions

There's something about the armies at the turn of the 18th century which has always drawn me in. When 'Raise the Black' was still in early stages of development, I was beside myself to see that we would be able to field these professional armies in Blood & Plunder. I grabbed a very early set … Continue reading The Army in Review: Army Factions

Required Reading: B&P Rulebooks

"What rulebooks do I need to buy" is a question that seems to get asked once a week - either on the Firelock Facebook Page, or on the Discord. It's always some variation the question;"does it have the new rules?" "does it include the Core Rules?""did the rules change?" "does it include the errata?""did they … Continue reading Required Reading: B&P Rulebooks

Assembling the 18th Century Sloop

No catchy title for this one, sorry. We've got a lot of ground to cover today. If you've cracked open the new 'Raise the Black' Kickstarter, you're probably a little bit disappointed by the instructions with the new Sloop. A single long sheet, it's a little bit like this: How to draw an Owl in … Continue reading Assembling the 18th Century Sloop

Old Dogs, New Tricks – A B&P Battle Report

Over the last few months, I've been endeavoring to turn my father-in-law into a gamer. The man's always been a history nerd, but now he's retired and in desperately in need of a hobby before his wife beans with him a rolling pin. It started with him taking an interest in my 'Big Red Rulebook' … Continue reading Old Dogs, New Tricks – A B&P Battle Report

Motivated By Mayhem – Artillery in B&P

There's nothing quite so romantic as the idea of swashbuckling pirates exchanging broadsides with their quarry, board-on-board, ripping gaping holes through hull and crew alike. Veteran players of 'Blood & Plunder' will tell you though that cannons have been a lackluster choice in the game since it was new. Indeed, the rules for B&P have … Continue reading Motivated By Mayhem – Artillery in B&P