Fresh Plunder: The Great Pirate Paint-Off

Dead-Man’s has teamed up with Blood & Pigment & Friends for the 2023 first-ever ‘Great Pirate Paint-Off‘. We want to see you fine people painting up your new minis, and you’ve got from now (right now, GO) until May 14th to submit your entries.

Dead Man’s Chest will be awarding a prize to the Best Painted Army. That means 25+ models (a starter box, if you will) that you’ve painted after November 30th, 2022.
If you’ve got your Blackbeard and Maynard boxed set painted, that’s an army. Share 1-5 photos of it via the entry form and you’re in the running. The community will begin voting for their favorite painters on May 15th. If you’re voted ‘best painted army’ you win a super swanky carrying case:

I tried to get the editor to ‘Vanna White’ this for me, but she threatened to have me ‘spayed or neutered’

This case is a custom job from the shop ‘Fangorn Forge’ over on Etsy. They make a variety of products for wargames, rpgs, and boardgames, and I commissioned them to hook us up with our logo on their product. It looks very professional. You might even say reputable. And since I’m neither of those things, I’ve decided to give it away.

See a sneaky preview? I do…

The case holds 30 miniatures. Convenient, since you need to paint at least 25 of them to win it. Paint up a starter, and you’ve got a handy place to carry it now. This is the same foam used in the popular Feldherr cases. The foam is removable, and it keeps your minis held nice and secure.

A zippered bag is included for carrying all of your templates, marker dice, fortune coins, and whatever other accessories you might need. Everything in the image fit in the bag with room to spare.
The left side tray is removable, to use as a dice tray. The bottom is padded to cut down on noise when rolling. The trays are also large enough to hold your ship cards for transport. And hey – check out the logo, huh?
Everything in the pics above packs away neatly. The dice tray is deep enough to hold your activation decks. The case itself is large enough for you to put either version of the Core Rules inside and zipper shut, making sure you’ve got all the essentials packed neatly alongside your miniatures. You can fit the entire contents of the new Starter Box in here! (Minus the Sloops, of course)
The case zippers shut with a rigid shell, wrapped in fabric. Fangorn has their logo stamped into leather and applied. I boxed everything up that you see in the pics above, zippered it shut, and shook the blazes out of it – everything stayed right where it should.

I’ve been using a combination of a Feldherr Figure Case and a backpack to carry my armies, rulebooks, and accessories around, but this has become my new favorite B&P transporter.

So far, there are only 3 Army Entries in the painting contest, so now is a great chance for great swag. If you don’t fancy your chances there, you can order one of these for yourself from Fangorn’s Etsy page, minus the cool Dead Man’s logo.
OR you can stay tuned to the DMC Facebook page for another way to win one of these in the coming weeks.
What? You didn’t think I bought just one, did you?

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